Saturday, August 29, 2009

Big bow on my head

Wishlist: wish n° 2

Leather driving gloves!

I have spend a lot of time searching for a nice pair of gloves on the internet, but I wasn't happy with any of those pictures...

This is why i decided to draw them onto my hand... and I like them! 
My fingers look weird because I outlined my hand. But you get the idea.

My Girls

My Girls by Animal Collective

I just love this song.... (never mind about the video)

sloppy sloppy sloppy!

Fashionwise this was my summer: ripped moto jeans (that keep ripping ...), loose shirt and bag. Not inventive ... but soooooo comfy!  

guess who:

Over the last months I also began to draw more again, and I'm loving it. I am still trying to improve my technique and all to achieve this "effortlessness".

So can you guess who is this pretty lady?


Hellloo... I'm back blogging! Summer's been great but I have been really uninspired. I didn't wanna draw, had no ideas, could't be bothered to get dressed, nothing of that kind... Fact is I had a really good time with friends and all, but I was waiting for some change in myself so that I'd have the passion to do something creative again. 


And it looks as if this is about to happen as I am moving to Florence in a weeks time!  I am so excited for all those new impressions and interesting people I will meet and I am hoping that this will just make me a little clearer about what I actually want to do... 

My friend took this picture of me in a lovely street coffeeshop...