Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Summer 2011: my notebook and I

Currently my mind is obsessed with thoughts of freedom, detachement from the commercial and corrupt.

I suddenly felt really weak and uncreative, and I knew the only thing that could safe me would be a pen and white paper. It feels so different to write with your hand than to type. Writing is more of a physical process than I thought. The internet can give ideas but it is so clinical and unorganic.

This explains my long break from blogging, and I guess after I told you 'bout those thoughts, I will have another break from it.

The return to the organic, to nature, to creating things with my bare hands, to sleep under the sky listening to circades rather than artificial beats, that is what I crave. To wake up and not checking the time, to dream and draw, to pick flowers and to swim in the sea.

Just a few days ago I watched "Into the Wild". It is such a touching film, based on a true story. At times i felt like shouting out "That's it! This is exactly what one should do. Just live."


And all I have to say is: "WHAT IS REALITY ANYWAY?"

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body." — C.S. Lewis

I am on such a health trip, it's incredible. I work out, get up early, I don't drink and I went back to being vegan. I feel the benefits more than ever. I feel like a little monkey that is happy all day and swings with its tail in the tree. Or like a bird. I am trying to stick to this lifestyle until my exams are over, so wish me luck and don't tempt me with cocktails.

If you are interested I could post some vegan recipes in the coming days.

I spend my morning equipped with tape, pencil, ruler and curved ruler, measuring tape around my neck and scissors in hand, working on the cartamodello of my exam piece. The 1860s inspired Jacket.

As promised here comes an ugly sketch of the final design: at least you can understand the cut of the jacket that way! I will probably take the tail off, since the only reason I put it on (to use a second fabric) is not an option anymore.

I finished the papermodel of the torso, you can see the low shoulder and hip already shaping out. I am only doing one half, since my jacket is perfectly symmetrical.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Andrej Pejic

"Fashion is quite inclusive and good at embracing different things and different forms of beauty. It's a very liberal industry. You can be yourself. Just not overweight."

Are you in your body?

Today someone pointed out I stole his book several years after I stole it. He asked me where the book was. If I do not know where it is, I do not know where it is, and if it is with me, it is with me, I said. I mean, we are all transitioning to disembodied states. We are mostly no longer located where our bodies can be found. I heard someone saying he had heard that an essay question they ask on the undergraduate application to Yale is Are you your body?
I describe books as creatures, with joy. I am a creature, says the book in my head, stretching, and then i say God damn that was some creaturely motion you had going. Seriously, when i take it, it curls into me and closes its eyes and makes a sound like the barest sound of wind over the top of a glass bottle. The book never buys anything plastic, indeed. For instance, it buys only glass bottles and it keeps them, all in the drawer.
I know where the bottles are if I know where the bottles are, and i know they are not with me, cause they are in the drawer.

found on sangbleu.com

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

12 weeks plan!


First of all, I think you should make your own 12 weeks plan, because I made mine really to match with my life. For example, this week my mum is coming for a visit, so my incentives are 1) to get a huge pile of work done by tuesday 2) to spend the most amazing time with her:
show the most beautiful places of Florence, eat in amazing little restaurants, have coffee on sunny terraces, go shopping, visit the markets and museums, take pictures....

So my week's "challenge" is nothing to do with my diet, but rather with living to the fullest.
My rules:
  • don't eat in the same place twice
  • go to school every day
  • work all monday
Week 4 will be detox ;)

Have a nice week and I hope where you live it's this sunny too!!!!

The end of VEGAN WEEK!!!

I did it, I did not eat any animal products the entire last week!!!! So here comes my evaluation:

What surprised me most is that I didn't feel socially crippled for one moment, if you know what I mean.. You'd expect being vegan to limit you so much when you eat out, but actually it doesn't limit at all, it just forces you to choose alternatives. When we went for a coffee I simple drank tea, another time we went for aperitivo (in italy it's big as a dinner), and of 9 dishes the offered 6 were vegan!

I lost 1kg of weight in this week, which I find incredible. This is because normally I would pay attention to not eat too much sugar, no unhealthy carbs and healthy snacks only. This week I completely ignored my usual "healthy diet" and allowed myself to eat EVERYTHING that was vegan. I had a lot of sugar, a lot of carbs and probably also more fat than normal, so that's why this 1kg I lost makes a really big impression on me.

Concerning the energy: I guess I didn't feel a crazy difference. A friend told me though that the long term metabolism of the body takes 28 days, and that only after that time I could really feel different.

When I live vegetarian I miss meat more than I did this past week. I didn't crave anything I couldn't have.

I think I will do a vegan week soon again. It would be impossible for me to commit to this for a longer period, but I admit that it did me good and most importantly of all: I had fun!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

my diana...

I was gonna write about my Diana so much earlier!!! I got this beautiful lomo camera from my mum for my birthday, and I was gonna write about it as soon as I can present some of her photos. Well.... so far I found no photoshop in Florence that will develop pictures that are analogue, and spread unevenly on the film. They managed to give me the negatives, but what do you do with negatives????

This is a classic case of "THE COMPUTER SAYS NO." Yeah yeah, "the machine cannot read it, if you can't tell me the format". The format changes, so what can I do? No more fun overlaying? no more square or half formats? I will write to the lomo office, maybe they know help.

THE ART IS DYING. hmpf. (the negatives do look like they'd make some pretty cool pictures btw)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vegan Foodlog: Day 3

a culinary rather boring day:

8.28 stressed out whole wheat cracker, running to school

11.30 also stressed out vending machine crisps at school

12.37 finally home and rest of the fantastic beans of yesterday (warmed up for the 3rd time they had lost most of their glamour, none of their deliciousness)

16.12 a new invention: a selfmade eggplant, tomato, sweet onion cream on WASA wholewheat crackers

18.00 some dried plums and tea

19.44 thai rice noodle soup, followed by some lao nai nai (chinese horse nuts, so hard to bite that my friends and I tried multiple times to boil or fry them. no. apperently not.)

and here it comes, the first slip: 21.29 a small Rittersport square. AND AS IF THIS WASN'T ENOUGH... haha guess the flavour............. yoghurt. ha. milk. dairy. And my vegan world fell apart as those uninvited amino acids entered my system.

New try tomorrow!