Tuesday, November 30, 2010


HEY!!!! In a few hours it's gonna be the first of december already! WOW, Christmas is so close! Can you already smell it in the air? I CAN!! (ok, I admit that's because I placed cinnamon soap in my wardrobe and next to my bed.. cheeky right? haha).


Every morning I will post a "Door" with one of my photos and a good (christmassy) advice to bring you daily closer to Baby Jesus' Birthday!

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas time!!!!

xmas wishlist: wish n°1

Look, I have been dreaming of patterend trousers for quite a while now. With every grandma crossing my path wearing those darling checked panties shaped that imagination of the patterend trousers.

This is a photoshop sketch of what I am picturing. I want them to be pretty loose fit, going narrower at the ankles. Pretty awesome would be if they were highwasted... but you can't have everything. Considering that grandma pants are not the top trend right now I haven't been able to find one yet, only the punkish skinny ones. Bluurgh. Time to start shopping in "the lady over 70" boutiques!

The dark blue/green tartans could even work well for skinnier trousers, because the danger of looking punk is not so big anymore! Yay, options!!!!

Browsing through the textile library of our school I got another idea on the theme of patterned trousers. But that is something I will have to sew myself... So I am affraid it will take a while until I will blog about it, pictures and all!!!!

Snapshot : JU

Cioccolata Azteca

I recommend this veeery much. I never tasted something like this before. Everyone visiting Florence in Winter should try one of the delicious chocolates or moccas at Café ChiaroScuro. For anyone interested I'll gladly draw a map how to find it!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Electric river

Candelabra Candy

Necklace I made from a grey candelabra cristal. I got a few of them on the vintage market yesterday. Maybe I get some more ideas today?

And just when you thought it couldn't get better, I painted the donkey gold and tied it to the necklace! This is the first sample of my new "golden farm" jewellery collection... be excited for more!

Winter Girl

During the last month I discovered a strong craving for simplicity and minimalism in my surroundings. I find myself taking pictures off my walls, wearing only shades of grey and black and admiring anything clear, clean and stuctured. I feel like a new beginning is about to come, and I want to be without preconceptions about how things are supposed to be. I want to be as plain and minimalist as possible so that everything I see and learn will fill me with new spirit, new ideas and new emotions.

The Song to go with this is called Beginning, surprisingly enough :D

HAHA what a good morning!

I was laughing so much! I think the accent made it!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

artistic weekend!

What a perfect weekend! No distractions, no stress, just a big pile of ideas and a lot of time!

My plans:
  • transfer the starch experiment to a bigger scale, using rice flour this time and a lot larger pieces of fabric
  • use starched fabric to create different armourlike structures
  • paint illustrations for my past designs
  • design a streetwear collection for my class
  • update my archive of fabric samples
  • vintage market

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Loving this look. tribal seduction..

Starch experiments

For my Samurai collection, I want to work with very geometrical shapes and sharp edges. I try to avoid soft lines and instead create very refined silhuettes (later I will probably add softer lines for a contrast). So I have been experimenting with starch to give the fabric properties of paper.This is the starch. I made it cooking flour in water until it became a gel with the consistency of honey.
I applied it to the pieces of fabric, and rubbed it in. After an hour I put it on the drying rack.

BVLGARI homme soir

I really liked this one, when out window shopping today.. I was not sure at all whether it's more female or male to my nose, because it's pretty sweet. I'll try it again soon, to make up my mind.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why did I think...

WHY did I think today that Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction was hot? HOT? Three possible explainations:

1) I have a friend who has similar features who is very hot indeed
2) I find hot how he is a ganster and says that weird verse from the bible before killing
3) I was confused and hungry, and therefore my lost my ability to judge hotness

interesting futuristic object found

I found this on the market at a stand where they sold household and technical stuff. The lady selling it told me if it doesn't work she can exchange it. Hm. I had no idea what it is supposed to be used for neither what I'd use it for so I just said yes and thankyou. It's cool because it can move like a fish and you can stretch it out or push it together into a little packet. I was considering to make it into a necklace, my friend said it could be a cigarette holder... now its a ring!!!!

Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton is one of those people I don't get tired of. She is very interesting to me. She is very androngynous, she looks a bit like a reptile I think and so skinny and tall that she looks weird all together (that's a good thing!). And she is incredibly versatile. A lot of those mainstream models like let's say Kate Moss are so famous because they are so plain which makes them adaptable to every mood and style. I find fascinating how Tilda is such a strong character and can still change fluidly from role to role.

Monday, November 22, 2010

In my research about asian men...

... I came to realise how much beauty ideals differ from the western world. Most of the men I came across are so perfectly androgynous that at times I was really unsure about their gender.
Their perfect bodies really put western metrosexuals to shame.
On the other hand I feel like the typical manly atributes like general toughness, broad built shoulders and edgy jaw line are entirely non existent anymore. I am really fascinated (though not attracted) by this very different kind of man. But you know that I have a big passion for anything on the edge of being one or the other, the undefineable.

Korean Traditional Clothes

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tomorrow is DIVA DAY

so get ready!

Wishlist: wish n° 4

and you know... stuff on the wishlist ALWAYS comes true. I know my brithday is only in February, but I am writing this now, because I am too excited, and I can't wait to show you this, so when then finally my birthday arrives you are prepared... to make me THIS CAKE!

And it's important that you get the animal right. Those are not pigs, no. Those smiling darlings are oh no, i forgot the name now!!! I will ask my friend. But you understand its not a pig, right?

I don't care about the sugary fence though. I's rather that you get a little creative with that. Maybe a tree? Make them wildlife instead of domestic not-pigs? or maybe a carrot fence? to bring down the calories? OOOOH how about a fence made of tootsticks with origami lampions! YEAY

Haha, I'm kidding, don't make too much of an effort (if you are boring). No really, I just love the thought of delicious cake + cute animal + creative fence building ;)



Good Morning Everyone! It's the weekend! You wanna now what I did yesterday? YES you do!!!!

...I maaaade....

... uuuuh exciting, right?..



using a juice carton and two boxes of cigarettes... I don't think I can actually use it as a clutch, cos even though I am very much into recycling I am not sure if I am ready to sport this eyecatcher. It can stay in my wardrobe as an object I cherish, but to be worn out it needs to wait for the right moment, also considering the evolution of my style.. No need to rush!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


If you're up to date with whats going on in fashion this will be an old old shoe for you. But hey! It's still fascinating to see how my friends from the village translate this trend to their everyday lives!

Tuesday shopping list:

Soy Sauce
Spring onion
Greek yoghurt
Tomatoes, canned and fresh
Spreadable cheese
Vegetable that is smiling at me from the stand

Bye bye! I'm off to the market!

Monday, November 15, 2010

If you love me let me go...

SiNG IT!!!!!

If you love me let me go
back to that bar in Tokyo
where the demons of my past
leave me in peeeeaaace!

My name in a heart...

Sweetest present in a looooong time!

Ray Chu

photo by the sartorialist

Nude Beauties