Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All eyes on: Nicki Minaj

I thought I could well start posting about people I find interesting or inspiring or simply beautiful. So for a start here is Nicki Minaj!!!!! And the reasons why I adore her, and feel like she is also worth a bit of your time!1. She is crazy, and doesn't try to hide that! If you check out her interviews, you will see what I mean. I really like people who aren't affraid to be themselves. In my opinion so many people try to just please the expectations of others, she instead seems to just do whatever the hell comes to her mind!

2. She can pose like a lady, and she can be slutty. She can look like a barbie, and she can look like the girl next door. I love how credible she is in all of her "roles". She never seems misfit, or like she is uncomfortable changing. I find this really inspiring, because I was to be like that too. I don't wanna be limited to one image, to one style, to one stereotype. I want to let all the sides of my personality come to life!

3. Her curvy body! Wow, I never thought big thighs could be this sexy!

4. Her style! Everything tight, bright hair extensions, bra as outerwear. OMG I could never never dress like that. BUT hey, I love it on her!

5. She doesn't take herself too serious! She is funny!

6. HER VOICE! god I love her music so much! I love when she sings I love when she raps, and I love how she can make her voice sound anything from aggressive and tough over soft and sexy to a burst of heartwarming laughter. GO GIRL!

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