Tuesday, October 26, 2010

White Chloé Soup

Hey everyone! Lately I've been inspired to cook again, and this goes along with my plan to go back to healthy eating, being an (almost)vegeatrian and safe money, after a month of fastfood and pasta dishes. So this is the recipe I came up with today, I hope you like to try it and maybe make it your own ;)

oh damn, now that I ate it all, I remembered how nice a picture would have been! It was a really beautiful soup. Kind of reminded me of the Chloé Spring 2011, so light and floating with beige and white.

White Chloè Soup
  1. boil water in a pot
  2. add washed and chopped cauliflower and fennel
  3. add a piece of fresh ginger, I chopped it in really fine slices
  4. add white beans ( I used the canned ones, dried ones work, if you let them soak in water for some hours bfore)
  5. add vegetable stock powder and a dried chilli
  6. add a bit of balsamic vinegar ( makes the soup a bit darker, so maybe better use white wine vinegar, if you really want it white)
That's it! This is very simple.. so if you want to extend here are some ideas on other white stuff you could add to make your soup more special!
  • onions
  • coconut milk
  • white fish? or chicken??
  • maybe some leek
  • hm, I'm running out of ideas, what else is white?
  • cream!
  • yeah, and if I was gonna cook this for someone, I'd probably top it off with some ricotta, and either fresh red chilli flakes or maybe chive, as a pop of colour!

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