Tuesday, November 30, 2010

xmas wishlist: wish n°1

Look, I have been dreaming of patterend trousers for quite a while now. With every grandma crossing my path wearing those darling checked panties shaped that imagination of the patterend trousers.

This is a photoshop sketch of what I am picturing. I want them to be pretty loose fit, going narrower at the ankles. Pretty awesome would be if they were highwasted... but you can't have everything. Considering that grandma pants are not the top trend right now I haven't been able to find one yet, only the punkish skinny ones. Bluurgh. Time to start shopping in "the lady over 70" boutiques!

The dark blue/green tartans could even work well for skinnier trousers, because the danger of looking punk is not so big anymore! Yay, options!!!!

Browsing through the textile library of our school I got another idea on the theme of patterned trousers. But that is something I will have to sew myself... So I am affraid it will take a while until I will blog about it, pictures and all!!!!

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