Tuesday, September 21, 2010

HAPPY Michael's Day!

My mum just told me it's Michael's Day today. Sounds familiar? No... I had no idea but infact its like midsummernight, just midautumnnight where day and night are exactly the same.

Now the night will get longer, and the days shorter. Thinking about this made me look forward to autumn so much! This is what I look forward to most in autumn (and don't let your mood be distracted by rain, and fog, and a runny nose, no no)
  • indulging in any kind of hot beverage, let's say.... a spicey hot chocolate with moroccan butternut biscuits wearing grandma socks
  • dressing scottish: kilt, wool sweater cashmere socks and boots
  • swap sunglasses with gentleman hats and fierce leather gloves
  • tweed!
  • including wild rose hip branches into bouquets for your rooms
  • never sweat!
  • the smell of soil and wood and fire
  • bonfires!!! (can I make a bonfire party?) I imagine it like this: everyone will be dressed in wool and stylish parkas, wellingtons are optional, gloves and hats warmly recommended; I will supply blankets ( I can't help it imagining my parties like editorials... yeah I know this never works out) I could offer pumpkin soup and later hot wine
  • the white skin, red lips and pink cheeks look
  • pretty colourful trees! oh how exciting! leaves! am I reallystill in that age to make leaf animals! YES!

Give me more more more!!!!!!!!!!!

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