Sunday, September 26, 2010

Let me take you on a walk through Prague

A short story in pictures! Enjoy!

Last weekend I went to visit my best friend of all times in Prague. I had such a great time! As it is our tradition, we tried to discover unusual, non touristy places, a lot of art and to experience the true life of the natives.

I fell immediately in love with the market! Everything was set up so carefully and pretty! It gave me such a good mood because it seemed like 1. the market people love their job 2. really care for their fruit and vegetables 3. have a sense of aestetics!!!!!

The astronomical clock.
Here the story i heard: The guy who built it was such a genious that they (hm, not sure who exactly) blinded him so that he would never be able to create something better again in another place. How selfish! So the clockbuilder destroyed a piece of the clock unrepairably. Good one. What a tragedy....

Godot Art Gallery!
What a fun! We found a painting there, of a child in an early renaissance style. It had red swollen eyes and was dressed like a little king. It looked so suffering and funny and angry at the same time that we named him Otto, and laughed about it all day.

The beautiful view beside the Charles bridge

Enjoying the extreme wind on Charles bridge

The art gallery/ club/ bar: The Meetfactory
What a cool place! It's said to be the centre of contemporary art of Prague. It wasn't allowed to take pictures inside, but you can check out their webside. We met so many cool people there, everyone was discussing the exhibition or their own projects and ideas. I would say the atmosphere was perfect for someone who is interested in art in a modern context!

Another recommendation: THE GLOBE poetry café
It's very near the famous "dancing house" (i wasn't too much into it). Perfect hot chocolate and beautiful location. In the front room is a big libary, and the back the café. Artists are exhibiting their work and I think a lot of cultural events take place in there. Anyhow I loved it!

Introduction to old soviet lifestyle: a czech canteen
very unglamourous. very raw. very REAL. wow, we felt like old czech people there, and infact, we were the only two english speaking guests. This is a lentil soup we shared, and despite the looks it was tasty!

And what overwhelming architecure! Prague is really really beautiful! I think I might have another post just about the buildings..

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