Friday, January 21, 2011

New androgynous

Jean Paul Gaultier FW 11/12 menswear

Unisex is so 2010. From my point of view unisex fashion is the bridge to overcoming clothing gender limitations. Nobody likes limits nowadays, designer even less. So unisex made it OK for men to wear a see-through tank top and tight jeans, because it was ALSO made for women. And the other way round of course. This leads to something greater though. When the market slowly got used to the idea of "men and women can wear the same clothes" then it is the right time to introduce mens wear (that looks like womens to our still oldfashioned brains) that is nevertheless an only male product.


  1. unisex is so 2010 and this post is so last week... :D new entries pleeease!

  2. where is the samurai dress, please....