Sunday, April 3, 2011

12 weeks plan!


First of all, I think you should make your own 12 weeks plan, because I made mine really to match with my life. For example, this week my mum is coming for a visit, so my incentives are 1) to get a huge pile of work done by tuesday 2) to spend the most amazing time with her:
show the most beautiful places of Florence, eat in amazing little restaurants, have coffee on sunny terraces, go shopping, visit the markets and museums, take pictures....

So my week's "challenge" is nothing to do with my diet, but rather with living to the fullest.
My rules:
  • don't eat in the same place twice
  • go to school every day
  • work all monday
Week 4 will be detox ;)

Have a nice week and I hope where you live it's this sunny too!!!!

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