Sunday, April 17, 2011

"You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body." — C.S. Lewis

I am on such a health trip, it's incredible. I work out, get up early, I don't drink and I went back to being vegan. I feel the benefits more than ever. I feel like a little monkey that is happy all day and swings with its tail in the tree. Or like a bird. I am trying to stick to this lifestyle until my exams are over, so wish me luck and don't tempt me with cocktails.

If you are interested I could post some vegan recipes in the coming days.

I spend my morning equipped with tape, pencil, ruler and curved ruler, measuring tape around my neck and scissors in hand, working on the cartamodello of my exam piece. The 1860s inspired Jacket.

As promised here comes an ugly sketch of the final design: at least you can understand the cut of the jacket that way! I will probably take the tail off, since the only reason I put it on (to use a second fabric) is not an option anymore.

I finished the papermodel of the torso, you can see the low shoulder and hip already shaping out. I am only doing one half, since my jacket is perfectly symmetrical.

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