Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Are you in your body?

Today someone pointed out I stole his book several years after I stole it. He asked me where the book was. If I do not know where it is, I do not know where it is, and if it is with me, it is with me, I said. I mean, we are all transitioning to disembodied states. We are mostly no longer located where our bodies can be found. I heard someone saying he had heard that an essay question they ask on the undergraduate application to Yale is Are you your body?
I describe books as creatures, with joy. I am a creature, says the book in my head, stretching, and then i say God damn that was some creaturely motion you had going. Seriously, when i take it, it curls into me and closes its eyes and makes a sound like the barest sound of wind over the top of a glass bottle. The book never buys anything plastic, indeed. For instance, it buys only glass bottles and it keeps them, all in the drawer.
I know where the bottles are if I know where the bottles are, and i know they are not with me, cause they are in the drawer.

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