Sunday, April 3, 2011

The end of VEGAN WEEK!!!

I did it, I did not eat any animal products the entire last week!!!! So here comes my evaluation:

What surprised me most is that I didn't feel socially crippled for one moment, if you know what I mean.. You'd expect being vegan to limit you so much when you eat out, but actually it doesn't limit at all, it just forces you to choose alternatives. When we went for a coffee I simple drank tea, another time we went for aperitivo (in italy it's big as a dinner), and of 9 dishes the offered 6 were vegan!

I lost 1kg of weight in this week, which I find incredible. This is because normally I would pay attention to not eat too much sugar, no unhealthy carbs and healthy snacks only. This week I completely ignored my usual "healthy diet" and allowed myself to eat EVERYTHING that was vegan. I had a lot of sugar, a lot of carbs and probably also more fat than normal, so that's why this 1kg I lost makes a really big impression on me.

Concerning the energy: I guess I didn't feel a crazy difference. A friend told me though that the long term metabolism of the body takes 28 days, and that only after that time I could really feel different.

When I live vegetarian I miss meat more than I did this past week. I didn't crave anything I couldn't have.

I think I will do a vegan week soon again. It would be impossible for me to commit to this for a longer period, but I admit that it did me good and most importantly of all: I had fun!

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