Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vegan Foodlog: Day 3

a culinary rather boring day:

8.28 stressed out whole wheat cracker, running to school

11.30 also stressed out vending machine crisps at school

12.37 finally home and rest of the fantastic beans of yesterday (warmed up for the 3rd time they had lost most of their glamour, none of their deliciousness)

16.12 a new invention: a selfmade eggplant, tomato, sweet onion cream on WASA wholewheat crackers

18.00 some dried plums and tea

19.44 thai rice noodle soup, followed by some lao nai nai (chinese horse nuts, so hard to bite that my friends and I tried multiple times to boil or fry them. no. apperently not.)

and here it comes, the first slip: 21.29 a small Rittersport square. AND AS IF THIS WASN'T ENOUGH... haha guess the flavour............. yoghurt. ha. milk. dairy. And my vegan world fell apart as those uninvited amino acids entered my system.

New try tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. self made eggplant???? may I know how you did this?? I think youre pretty much crossing the boundaries of all things culinary,,,,,,,,...this is hybrid + scifi+ future+ vegetable = EH?