Monday, March 28, 2011


pronounced: geo - cashing

No internet clearly does one good! Or at least small quantities of it! I had heard about geocaching before, but only last week, when a friend mentioned it again, I took a leap.


It's the coolest shit, really. It's like a modern day treasure hunt. It is more abou the finding, then about the find. Mostly you just find a little logbook anyway.

It works like this:

First: you get a free membership.

Then: you look over googlemaps for caches in your town, or the town you are visiting. You'd be surprisehow many there are. Even in my tiny home village there are some hiding spots.

Next step: you read the describtion of the spot where it's hidden, ususally the place is of some historical or cultural interest, or simply has a nice view.

Then: you decode the hint for the hiding place. (doesn't that already sound so adventurous???)

But wait, the true fun starts when you get there. You are looking for a tiny object, behind metal posts, inside the holes of the walls, underneath benches, AND NOBODY CAN SEE YOU. because you understand, someone who isn't in the game, won't only find you weird, they might think you are a criminal (or, it could be fun, when people discover you and your friends hectically searching the wall for holes to scream "DELY, I TOLD YOU NOT TO HIDE THE HEROIN OUT HERE!"), or they will try to also find something! or they might destroy the hiding spot after you leave it... oh oh... did I animate you enough?

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