Monday, March 28, 2011

My 12 weeks plan!

Yay, while absent from the blog I came up with new ways to entertain myself!

I made myself a 12 weeks plan, with the purpose to challenge myself and keeping my body in top shape! Every week has a topic and is an adventure in itself. It won't force me to be consitent, rather inventive.

Right now we are in week 2. MY VEGAN WEEK!!!!!!

Ok, this isn't because of the poor animals, but because I heard from different sources about the positive side effects of being vegan. I tried to find you a cool link for this, but they happen to be all uncool, so either google it yourself, or enjoy my very condensed list:

weightloss, healtier hair, gums, and teeth, more energy, more libido, no body smells, more creative cooking!

So my challenge is: no animal products for one week, I am curious if I feel a difference. I will keep a food log on this blog, so you can see what I come up with and I can persude the last ones of you that being vegan doesn't mean to chew raw carrot only (my dad was affraid I won't get enough fat, and gave me a 1h sermon about all non-animal sources of fat and protein. nice, huh?)


  1. this 12 week plan is very EXCITING, can I know the topic of the next week? and the one after? can I copy and also make a 12 week plan?? :D

  2. This morning finally I discovered the 12 weeks plan. Love it! You posted so much at a time that I had to click in "Older Posts" (haha)