Sunday, March 6, 2011


One of my big fascinations.

First of all you have to know that I am very very anti militaristic. I just think that violence is never a solution, it creates more problems. I also hate the thought of people being killed for whatever reason (I also don't support the death penalty). And the fact that people in politics sacrifice strong young man, instead of trying to be diplomatic. Eversince I am little I refuse to touch guns and I can't watch horror films because i get nightmares. Soooooo, why that post about war you might wonder?

I am not oblivient to what's going on in the world. There are people fighting in so many places in the world, some closer to us than we can imagine, at this very second. What does a soldier feel? The moral split between what's good and bad. So much violence. The value of a life. The value of their own lives. Fear. Death. Passion. I started thinking about this when I got to know some soldiers personally. It helped me to see their point of view. I could see the human in them rather than the dumb american killing machine that is send to death by a heartless government.

And I understand that dark things always fascinate me. Dark and dangerous. Forbidden things don't thrill me too much, but the dark side in every human represents a beauty hard to describe.

All the emotions bundled in this topic are strong and contradicting. The uniforms are bright and beautiful, the men are homogenisized, strong, living a harsh controlled life. If you consider all this you might understand why I collect pictures like the following, and why they serve as such an inspiration (and that's why fashion has so many military influences, reoccuring every season)...

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