Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Update on school work

Two more months to go. I have a whole lot to do, but the 2 biggest projects are the only ones I will try to update you about. From the two collections we will realise one design each.


The objective: create a collection of knitwear pieces, that don't fit into the standart categories of clothing. (no scarf, no dress, no jacket, instead for example, jacketgloves, skirthood...) Inspiration should be taken from european folkore.

I chose the folkore from the region Estremadura, and for the final piece this specific picture has been my main inspiration:

Next update I will write about the material, and show you the sketch of the final design, and maybe some handknitted swatches.

Sewn Project:

The objective: Chose a specific painting from the period between 500 BC until 1900. Research the fashion of the period, and the character portrayed. Design a jacket.

My Project: I chose this painting by Ange Tissier. Paris, 1860, "Algerian Woman with her Slave". It is a beautiful artwork typical for the Oriental Theme in Western Art of the 19th century.

Design and more news soon!

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