Monday, March 28, 2011

Vegan Foodlog: Day 1

times are just roughly and to give you a logbook feeling :D I didn't really take a log like this, I am just trying to make this seem a bit professional, bear with me! And you will notice, I do infact eat all the time, I can't do long without having a snack.

09.14 Porridge, cooked in water, with a bit of cocoa powder, maple sirup and a banana, and tea

10.03 an orange, an apple, then some olives

11.37 several high fibre chocolate biscuits (several? there are none left now....)

12.45 a soup containing cabbage, spinach and celery mainly, seasoned with a sauce I had made before (fried onion, chili and honey sauce) (I like to make sauces and keep them in empty olive glasses, they last about a week usually)

14.12 more of the soup, more biscuits and another tea

16.07 out to buy artsupplies, icecream on the way! in my case: strawberry and raspberry sorbetto, entirely without milk!

17.55 seaweed salad grabbed from the chinese takeaway in my street

18.30 an alarmed call from my dad. Asking if I already feel the the dreadful effects of the lack of amino acids in my diet (WHICH CANNOT BE CONTAINED IN PLANTSNO.) and if I'm hungry. also A MAIL. if I am hungry....

20.30 chocolate biscuits and tea.

23.00 an accident happend. NO people, I DID NOT FAIL AND EAT CHICKEN YET! noo, of course not! have some more trust! No, what happened is this: I cooked some white beans (fagioli cannelini for who wants to learn italian while reading my blog) for tomorrow's lunch. And yay they were so soft and perfect. So I took a small quantity of them to test the seasoning for tomorrow. It was delicious, and I had some sauce left, so I thought, oh what a wonderful idea to prepare it all now AND EAT IT TOMORROW. hmpf, I guess I can also have broccoli tomorrow :)

On the bright side I managed my first vegan day, without any torturing cravings, a full stomach, and no carrots. Very much looking forward to the energy boost that I promise myself from this week's project. And by the success of today I could imagine living as a vegan, of cours not affraid of a few weekly exeptions!

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