Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vegan Foodlog: Day 2

I am almost through the second day, and still not put off! And I didn't feel one moment like I was missing something (and that means something if you consider my appartment being flooded with the smell of freshly grilled kebabmeat from underneath).

9.00 a tangerine, an olive, then a spoonful of the lunch I precooked for later which burned my mouth so bad that I didn't eat again til after school, and instead cooled my mouth with icecold coke...

15.00 most delicious meal of the year, white means cooked with canned cubed tomatoes and one of my legendary sauces (spinach, sour onions, bellpepper, celery, dried plums, vinegar, soysauce = slightely sweet mediteranean taste)

16.00- 19.00 my usual snack behaviour of chocolate biscuits, olives, fruit and tea

19.30 second time of my fantastic bean dish

rest of today: greek coffee (thanks lena!) biscuits, and maybe a third portion of the beans. My idea for tomorrow: vegetable curry and rice.

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